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Autumn is the season of warm colors, and it's time to rake! The effort required in autumn clean-up is incredibly rewarding—not only will you be maintaining your yard in tip-top shape as plants regenerate themselves in preparation for the coming season, but you'll also be getting some terrific cardiovascular workout. All you have to do now is make sure you're in top shape before, during, and after the autumn clean-up.


Take care…


According to the CDCP in the United States, more than 40 million Americans are sent to the hospital each year because of injuries (mainly minor) sustained during the seasonal autumn clean-up. When cleaning your yard in the autumn, orthopedic specialists warn about the dangers of poor posture and clumsiness.


Keep these things in mind as you rake.


1. Fall cleaning is a lot of labor; it’s a combination of exercises packed into one continuous action. The physical strain would be placed on every area of your body, notably your back, hamstrings, and arms.


Make sure you warm up before attacking those small slopes of fallen leaves to avoid damage. Warming up for ten minutes should be sufficient to effectively prepare your muscles and bones for the task ahead.


2. Your autumn cleaning equipment should not only be well-oiled and well-maintained, but it should also be the proper size. If you’re intending on replacing your rake for this season’s autumn cleaning, get one with dimensions that are convenient for you. Weight, height, and controllability are all factors to consider when deciding which rake is right for you.



3. We need all of our basic senses to function well in all vital activities: sight, hearing, smell, and touch. Wearing goggles, scarves, or other items of clothing that obscure your field of view isn’t essential unless it’s really necessary.


Hidden pebbles, small protruding roots, and slick surfaces are common concerns during autumn cleanup. By being aware and cautious while raking, you can avoid bruises, twisted ankles, and strained backs.


4. Good posture is also important for your safety. Avoid jerky motions that press the back into unnatural positions regularly. If you must carry something heavy, always place the weight on your knees rather than your back. Instead of bending too low, use the rake’s long handle. Rest if your back is already on the verge of erupting from exhaustion.


5. Believe it or not, there are correct autumn cleaning clothes. No, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to be safe. If you have a pair of slip-resistant boots, they would be ideal for cleaning up in the autumn. The purpose of wearing slip-resistant footwear while cleaning up leaves in the autumn is to avoid accidents caused by slick, moist leaves. Believe it or not, wet dirt and slick leaves might break your back.


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