Google Nest Hub: 5 Things You Should Know for Better Experience

We have to be honest: Google Nest Hub the 1st generation that was released in 2018 was a good gizmo. However, it didn’t add much to the market, especially after Amazon Echo was released a full year before. Therefore, Google is trying to stand out with its Nest 2nd generation. The new device has a faster processor, better audio quality, and a few new sensors that can do an array of functions such as tracking your sleep quality. You can also use it as a fancy digital picture frame. In this article, I will try to answer some of your itchy questions about the device hoping the answers will satisfy you.


Google Nest Hub


Is it a good thing there’s still no camera in the new Google Nest Hub?

Coming to think of it, you could view the matter as a feature, not a bug. Privacy is a very delicate issue in today’s world. Therefore, Google had decided not to put a camera in Google Nest Hub. The reason is that the folks in the product management department want you to be comfortable putting the device in private places like the bedroom or the bathroom. That’s why you don’t need masking tape to cover the lens which can be used by creepy stalkers and hackers. In other words, all you need to do to put your Google Home device in the dark is to press the mute button on the back, no muss, no fuss.


A Podcast Problem

“The Journal” is a popular political podcast that is listened to by many of us including me. A weird bug few users have encountered when trying to listen to “The Journal” podcast on Google Nest Hub. It says that the podcast is Spotify exclusive and asks for a Spotify account. For now, there are no online solutions for this, it seems that Google just wants you to use their podcast app on the phone. Anyway, for the time being, you can cast the episodes on the smart screen using your phone app.



The Garmin smart watches and Google Nest Home

The smart screen is basically an android device, but you should be aware that it is not like a phone or a tablet. Therefore, some apps are not available on it. For example, you might think of connecting you Garmin smartwatch to the display to show some info like weather forecasts and whatnot. However, the Connect and Connect IQ apps needed to connect the Garmin watches are not readily available on the device. Also,  a Garmin watch wouldn’t sync weather info and it requires connecting to a computer.


Will WYZE v3 work with Google nest hub max now?

The WYZE v3 security camera is a popular choice among those who have children and pets. However, some issues have aroused when trying to connect these cameras with Google Nest Hub. Some users reported that that they couldn’t sign in to their camera from the Google Home app. Here’s what you can do to solve the issue:

  1. Open the Google Home app
  2. Tap setup device
  3. Tap works with Google
  4. search for the “WYZE Home” and signs in with your Wyze account.
  5. Google Home should list the devices connected to your WYZE account.
  6. Check the devices listed under the linked to you section.
  7. To view your camera’s live stream, you can say: “OK Google, show me (camera name) on Google Nest hub”


WYZE Camera Google Nest Hub


Is there a way to make the Google Nest Hub Gen2….useful?

Come on now! Google Nest Hub IS a useful device and worth every penny. There is a bunch of cool stuff you can do with it. However, it’s the lack of the GUI that makes the device somehow more difficult to use than a computer or a smartphone. Google does show some tips and tricks on the home screen, but it doesn’t say much. So, I have put together some of the most useful features in my opinion.


Turn off the screen at night

When in the bedroom, the Google Nest Hub can be somewhat distracting. You can set the device to turn off the screen when the room turns dark. In the Google Home app, select your Nest Hub device, tap the Settings gear button, and then go ahead and choose Display Settings.

There are some options you can explore in this section, but what we are concerned with here is the low light option. You can either choose to display the clock or simply turn off the screen under low light conditions.


Google Nest Hub Display Settings



Using Chromecast for most services

Now we all know that you can watch YouTube on your Google Nest Hub. Also, you can stream almost everything using Chromecast. You can use the cast button to stream Netflix, Hulu, and plex, podcasts from Pocket Casts, your favorite Twitch gaming stream, and a Chrome browser tab from your PC. In addition, you can use Google commands such as “OK Google, pause” or by tapping the screen.


Having your own interpreter

Google Translate is such a neat tool. Not only for its functionality but also for its availability on any Google Assistant device, we should specifically mention the interpreter mode that arrived in 2019. The feature is available on your Google Nest Hub, so you will be able to talk to another person in their native language in real-time with your smart display acting as a mutual interpreter. All you need to do is say: “OK Google, be my German interpreter” or “help me speak French. However, it should be noted that it’s available only for 30 languages and you shouldn’t expect a high performance with complex sentence structure.

Google Nest Hub is a handy device with a good price. Here in eHouset we recommend it as a suitable update if you happened to have a Google Home Mini smart speaker. Stay tuned as we discuss the little brother which is Google Nest Mini, but that’s a story for another day.


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