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As a Special Education teacher, I've witnessed firsthand how distraught parents are when their child is identified as a candidate for this program. Special education is essentially education that is tailored to the needs of the special child. I had the privilege of dealing with students who had been identified as Emotionally Disturbed. My kids had a reputation for being furious, which manifested itself in verbal and physical confrontations. These pupils have received so many referrals that they have been expelled from their schools.



I needed to enter this classroom with high expectations


as well as a lack of fear. Please understand that these students were cursing and even attempting to assault me at first, but I had to utilize Mrs. Murray’s powers to stop them. It’s a Chinese secret that’s been passed down through the generations (smile). To be honest, I had a fantastic male para who worked closely with me and established a plan to assure the success of these youngsters.


Even though these middle school students


were rebels and troublemakers in their districts, I had to trust in them. It was necessary for me to “catch their hearts.” It was especially tough because these children came from poor backgrounds. I have to speak words of faith in them daily. You must understand that these children only hear terrible things, and when you hear negative things, you live and repeat negative things. Then I had to make sure that my classroom was well-organized and interesting. These children’s actions disguised their genuine learning abilities. As a result, I needed to provide high-impact training, trust in them, and comprehend why they were acting in that way in the first place. Keep in mind that conduct is learned.


When teachers encounter students like these,


they may continue to set them up for failure because they only see a problem, not a solution. Now, I’m happy to report that these children have passed my class, that they enjoy learning, and that their behavior is under control. Do these students continue to make mistakes? Yes, although not as frequently as they used to, and they were now aware of their actions. I believe that with the right tactics, support, and pure devotion, all children can learn.


Teachers must work tirelessly to assist our Special Needs kids,

and we must be prepared to teach in a variety of settings. We must consider all aspects of the student and ensure that we have done everything possible to have a positive impact on that youngster.



So you’re saying that people who suffer from Emotional Disturbance can’t learn? I know firsthand that they can, and I’m familiar with effective tactics and tools. Will it be simple? No!! Will it be a long process? Yes!!! Will you shave your head? Sometimes!! The sensation you receive after seeing a reformed pupil, on the other hand, is priceless!!!


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