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A hybrid rose cross-bred rose that combines the richness of old English roses and English roses with the sturdiness of newer kinds is known as an English garden rose. David Austin, a rose aficionado, experimented with Gallicas and Floribundas, Damasks and Hybrid Teas, Bourbons and Modern Climbers, and more in 1969. Austin roses were the name given to them before they were renamed English roses.


We’ll go over the top ten greatest English roses in this article to help you decide which rose kinds to cultivate in your garden. They are as follows:


1- Mary Rose

is number one. It’s easy to see why so many people enjoy this hardy shrub that produces full-bloom deep pink roses with a subtle old rose perfume with undertones of honey and almond. Mary Rose is immune to the common winter cold and fungal infections. Even in the heat, it has a good growth rate.


2- Graham Thomas

is number two. This butter-coloured rose, which was introduced to the English rosarian world in 1983, is the most popular English rose. Nothing else, not even Hybrid Teas, can equal its beautiful golden colour, which fades over time. It has an upright and bushy growth pattern, and its slender stems may require stalking for support. Graham Thomas received the James Mason Award from the Royal National Rose Society in 2000. This disease-resistant rose has a strong tea scent with a tinge of violet, as is typical of its colour group. Graham Thomas is also grown as a climber in warmer climates, however, it is reputed to produce fewer blooms.


3- The Mayflower

is number three. This deep rose-pink bloom has the characteristics of an old English rose, but it is almost resistant to rust, blackspot, and mildew. The Mayflower never runs out of flowers, even if it rarely produces a large bouquet of roses at any given time. The rose has robust, twiggy growth with less matt green foliage than other roses.



4- Wild Edric

is number four. This shrub rose can withstand harsh weather, making it a popular choice for novices. It begins as a pointed pink-and-purple bud that unfolds into semi-double deep pink petals with mauve and purple undertones. Its petals have a traditional old rose scent with cucumber and watercress undertones, while its stamens have a strong clove scent.


5- heritage.

This rose has been dubbed the “most beautiful English garden rose” by David Austin, and it’s easy to understand why. The petals elegantly cup around the centre, with a delicate shell-pink colour that almost fades to white at the margins. The legacy rose matures into a well-shaped bush. Its shrub has a thorny appearance and blooms throughout the year. It has a beautiful aroma with honey, fruit, and carnation tones, as well as a typical old rose background.


6- Grace

is number six. The petals of this apricot rose have been cupped to make a beautiful rosette. It’s the ideal English garden rose since it mixes well with other roses of different colours, has a warm and sensual perfume, and blooms profusely all year.


7- Abraham Darby.

This plant is sturdy and aggressive, making it ideal for developing arches. Imagine an arc of these big peach-apricot blossoms with light pink margins and glossy, green leaves decorating your front doors. Abraham Darby is a disease-resistant vine with a powerful fruity aroma.


8- Claire Austin

is number eight. This is the lone white rose on the list, which is unsurprising given its beauty and durability in a variety of environments and against plant diseases. The petals are enormous and creamy white, fashioned in precise concentric circles, and have a vanilla, heliotrope, and meadowsweet aroma.


9- Gertrude Jekyll,

is number nine. Gertrude Jekyll earned the James Mason Award in 2002 for having the timeless aroma of an ancient English rose. It has a rich pink hue and thorny canes that should be clipped regularly for repeated flowering, similar to its Portland rose, parent.


10- Evelyn

is number ten. This shrub produces massive blooms that are the size of saucers, and they are quite stunning. The petals are peach, with pink and yellow tinges around the margins. Evelyn has an antique rose perfume with a sweet undertone that smells like apricots and peaches.


We hope that after reading our list of the top ten greatest English roses, you will find it easier to select roses for your future rose garden. We’d want to see those luscious blooms glistening brightly shortly. Happy gardening!


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