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Trimming the tree in December refers to the Christmas tree, complete with ornaments and tinsel, but it can also refer to the pruning of your exterior trees. Yes, trimming those branches in the late fall or early winter is the best time to do it because the tree is dormant at this time of year, and removing the branches will result in less sap loss as well as a lesser danger of fungal and/or insect infestation for the tree.


The majority of trees need to be pruned

or trimmed regularly. In the forest, trees that are left alone will naturally shed branches due to shading, but in the backyard, humans must perform the task. Trimming a tree’s branches is done for a variety of reasons. It could be due to deadwood that has to be removed, storm damage, or illness that has caused damage to a portion of the tree. It may also be necessary to trim branches to allow the tree to clear electricity wires, keep vandals out of the tree (the higher the lowest branches are, the less likely individuals are to try to climb the tree), and allow vehicles to pass by.


Trimming or pruning a tree can also

be done to thin the crown to allow for additional growth, reduce height, shape the tree into a more beautiful shape, and remove obstructive lower branches. Who wants to keep ducking when mowing the grass to avoid a tree branch?


Whatever the reason,

tree pruning done at the appropriate time and with the right tools will considerably decrease tree damage and keep it looking healthy for many years. Allowing a tree to grow in its natural state for too long without being trimmed can cause the limbs to mature and fall off unevenly, causing property damage and/or the tree’s death or decay.


We all want our trees to be strong and healthy,

and pruning and trimming them when they’re young can help them reach maturity with less trimming and pruning. Doing a little labor now will save you a lot of time in the long run, so get out there and trim that tree!


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