When it comes to turf installation, there are 5 common blunders to avoid. – Ehouset

Are you getting ready to lay your new quick turf? It may appear to be an easy procedure, but don't be fooled: installing the turf is a difficult task. If you make a mistake, you may face further issues such as inconsistencies in the legislation or, worse, financial losses. we offer some tips and tactics to help you avoid difficulties and guarantee your lawn looks great once it's done.


1- Grass that overlaps.


Plants are designed to grow into the soil, and if there is enough space, some will grow straight on top of one another. As a result, your grass will be uneven. To minimize overlapping, avoid putting slabs of turf in the same direction and place rolls end-to-end for a neat, even appearance.


2- Failure to remove debris.


A major blunder made by homeowners is not fully clearing debris. After all, it’s not exactly a pleasurable task that can easily be ignored. However, any leftover debris on your property, such as tree stumps or boulders, could result in lumpy or uneven grass. As a result, it’s critical to spend time preparing and removing the base before planting turf over the topsoil.


3- Purchasing too soon.


Purchasing instant turf days before installation is not a good idea, believe it or not. Allowing slabs to sit around without being installed increases the potential of damage to the grass, especially to the root system, which could dry out. Deliver your turf on the day you intend to start installing it, as new turf has a better chance of growing well.


4- Failure to fertilize.


The roots of the turf should continue to grow and link to the ground as you lay it down. Unfortunately, if you don’t adequately fertilize your topsoil before planting grass, you risk delaying root growth and having the grass dry up before it can link to the soil base. By applying a good fertilizer to boost root growth, you may easily prevent this problem.



5- Failure to seek expert help.


If you’ve never laid turf before, blunders like the ones outlined above are all too easy to make. When you seek the services of a professional turf supplier in Melbourne, turf installation is rather quick and straightforward. A turf supplier may save you time and money while also ensuring a beautiful, healthy lawn.


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